María Pagés. News: Archivos Prensa: Junio 2011

Archivos Prensa: Junio 2011

Publicado: 21 jun 2011 | 15:15 MSK

This afternoon Maria Pagés has returned to Moscow with her "Autorretrato". The premiere was three days ago, on the 18th June: this famous Flamenco show was the first in the Spanish section of the International Chekhov Theater Festival.
Maria Pages' performances will be going on until the 24th June. The Festival organizers say that this Spanish dancer will be performing for a full house every afternoon: tickets sold out the morning after going on sale.
The world premiere of "Autorretrato" took place in Tokyo in 2008. The show was inspired by the Mikhail Baryshnikov, the famous American choreographer of Soviet origin.
As the dancer says, Baryshnikov asked her to create something very personal, "something that will show what I am like as a person, as an artist and creator of my own Flamenco". Maria specified that on that occasion her presentation was very much a "chamber performance", but she was inspired by the actual idea of developing the 'self-portrait' theme onstage. She tells us "I felt the need to learn to understand myself, specially at that point in my life, a need to halt, to look into the mirror to see it all clearly and in detail, and to analyze myself in order to translate it all into the language of dance. I tried to follow the same procedure that painters follow when creating their oil painted self-portraits. Be this as it may, it is the only way I have found to get to know myself".